Five Seconds Cityscapes, 2007

This body of work presents big city sceneries of junctions, cross-overs, and streets, where people are standing without moving. These people become apparent because of their non-compliant behaviour. On the other hand the people who are part of the dynamic movement of the city are vanishing in the smog of the big city. Only traces of light or trails of cars, and other moving objects are remaining on the images.

The five seconds length of the exposures pushes the analogue photography to its limits. Buildings and inhabitants are dissolving within an almost black negative. The vague structure of buildings and people come only to the daylight again due to a high resolution scan. The result is a colourful and foggy, sometimes grainy and scratchy texture of an urban interplay between building and human being. People are only seen on the photographs because of their slowness which has its reasons in thoughtfulness, age, illness, or simply time. These people are not swallowed up by the speed of the city.

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