Infinity, 2005 – 2006

The work shows petrol stations alongside the highway from the Airport Schönefeld - Berlin to Berlin, Alexanderplatz, taken in 2006. [i] Looking at the images one senses none of the “On the road feeling” of the “motorised flaneur”. They are registered with an indifferent, almost bored gaze, and the view of the road has an economic aspect. The petrol stations portray the standardisation of industry visually overtaking the city between centre and airport which the photographer has travelled several times a month. Therefore, travelling from or to the airport seems to be no longer a starting point in an adventure or holiday trip, but like an endlessly monotonous repetition of the everyday in which the uniform landscape is populated by identical and endless copies of signs and colours.

[i] These photographs were taken in memoriam to Ed Ruscha and his “twenty-six petrol stations” on the route 66 highway which connects Oklahoma to Los Angeles.

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